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English Setter Books

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A List of English Setter Reads


Jenny Willow: A Novel - by Mike Gaddis

A History of English Setter Showdogs in America - by Craig S. Sparkes

For the Love of a Dog: Classic Bird Dog Stories - by Darren Brown

The New Complete English Setter: A Compilation of Interesting Facts, Data and Observations on Breeding, Raising, Training, Showing and Hunting English Setters - by Davis Henry Tuck

How to Raise and Train an English Setter - by S.S. Maire

The Essence of Setters: A Study of English, Gordon, Irish and Red and White Setters - by Marsha H. Brown

Tears & Laughter - by Gene Hill

A Breed Apart: A Tribute to the Hunting Dogs That Own Our Souls - by John Barsness

English Setters (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) - by Karla Rugh, DVM

A Brief Autumn's Passage - by Steven Mulak

Spook - by David H. Henderson

Patches the English Setter (Sandman Tales) - by Wilfred J. Newhouse

Seven Grand Gun Dogs (A Nelson Sporting Edition) - by Ray P. Holland

**And for the rare book enthusiast, two titles that are hard to find but worth the effort:

Diomed: The Life Travels & Observations of a Dog - by John Sargeaunt Wise (have a box of Kleenex ready)

My dog Lemon - by Ray P. Holland